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To learn more, please send a message through the portal below. You may include any information you believe is relevant to help me understand what you are seeking in a therapist.


Client/therapist fit is paramount to a strong working relationship. Therefore, I kindly ask that potential clients reach out to me directly. Due to the high number of inquiries I receive, I cannot always respond to inquiries from those seeking a therapist for a family-member or friend. 

Next Steps:

Initial Telephone Contact

A brief (10-15 min) phone call will be scheduled to determine whether my experience matches your needs and to answer any questions you may have. If I believe a different provider may be a better fit for you, I will provide appropriate referrals. 


Prior to your first session, you will be provided with information about consent for treatment, office policies and procedures, payment, and privacy practices. In your first therapy session, we will discuss your current functioning, areas for growth, and goals for treatment. 

Fees and Billing

Fees are comparable to other highly-skilled providers in the Bay Area with similar credentials and expertise. Payment in full is expected at the time of service. 


I am not credentialed on any insurance panels in my private practice. This means that I cannot bill your insurance directly. However, I will provide a monthly "superbill" that includes necessary information for insurance reimbursement if you are eligible for out-of-network benefits. I encourage you to reach out to your insurance company directly to better understand what out-of-network benefits may be covered.

Although I am sometimes listed as an "in-network" provider or as a provider that accepts MediCal, this is an error due to the fact that I also work at clinic at Stanford. In my private practice, I do not accept any insurance or MediCal. 


All treatment is offered through telemedicine.  The COVID-19 pandemic forced a reevaluation of office practices and procedures. Both at Stanford and in my private practice, I have found that clients are more engaged in therapy and less likely to cancel or miss appointments when they don't have to sit in traffic before and after session or find parking. I have seen as much or more benefit in clients who receive care through telemedicine as those who received care in person. At the end of the day, clients who come to treatment will always make more progress than those who don't! Telemedicine increases flexibility and access to care, and allows me to provide services to those living throughout the state of California. 

Phone: 415-656-8252

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

CA Licence # 31595

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